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GEESA Hotel Quality Shaving & Makeup Mirrors

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  • GEESA Hotel Mirror - 3x Magnification

    GEESA Hotel Mirror - 3x Magnification

    $447.35 SPECIAL
  • GEESA Hotel Mirror - 5x Magnification

    GEESA Hotel Mirror - 5x Magnification

    $447.35 SPECIAL

35% OFF Italian Designed Shaving and Makeup Mirrors

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  • LINEABETA Round Tabletop Mirror 3x

    LINEABETA Round Tabletop Mirror 3x

    $381.80 SPECIAL
  • LINEABETA Round Wall Mirror 3x

    LINEABETA Round Wall Mirror 3x

    $287.50 SPECIAL
  • LINEABETA Round Magnifying Mirror, 2 arm, 3x

    LINEABETA Round Magnifying Mirror, 2 arm, 3x

    $395.99 SPECIAL

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Frasco Magnifying Mirrors are an eyecatcher in any bathroom. Excellent design and function are sure to make your daily makeup or shaving regime an outstanding success. The perfect makeup or shaving experience is really possible because Frasco mirrors are available with precise 3x or 5x magnification guaranteeing an exact reflection and making facial nuances and shape perfectly visible.

Only Frasco offers genuine “Made in Germany” quality. Frasco mirrors are manufactured in Germany from polished and chromed brass with carefully machined arms and joints ensuring strength, durability and comfort.

Only Frasco Illuminated Mirrors offer “Intelligent technology”. Frasco illuminated mirrors incorporate the finest quality power-saving LED lights. Flickerfree and with up to 50,000 hours life. Frasco patented “Touch Control” allows the user to switch the light on or off with a simple touch or a longer touch will increase or reduce the light to an optimal level. Plus if you forget then the mirror will automatically switch itself off after 20 minutes. Of course Frasco Illuminated Mirrors are certified to DIN CE IP44 Standards

Did you know there are over 165 steps in the production of a quality FRASCO magnifying mirrror from Germany. That's real attention to detail from Europe's leading manufacturer.

Better still a Frasco mirror won't strain your eyes even after many years of use. The reason for this is the use of only high quality German optical glass and careful selection of magnification levels to meet German DIN Standards.

A simple way to choose the correct magnification. If you wear glasses then go for 5x magnification. Otherwise 3x mirror magnification is sufficient for most clients.

Which mirror size? Our most popular size is 19cm diameter. However smaller mirrors work well but of course will show less of your face.

Illuminated versus non-illuminated. If you have power available and can afford it then illuminated mirrors are by the far the best option. Our illuminated mirrors are perfectly designed so that a clear accurate light reaches all parts of the face from all angles (360 degrees). Our illuminated mirrors give you everything you need to perfectly groom your face.